How can I make the Course practical?

The Course is a full-fledged spiritual path. It provides not only a teaching, but also "an organized, well-structured and carefully planned program" (T-12.II.10:1) to help us practically apply that teaching to our own lives. This program can be broadly summarized in three steps, each represented by a particular volume of the Course (these steps and the volumes that represent them overlap, of course; this is simply a broad outline):

The Text = Study
The Text presents the thought system of the Course; the rest of the Course is based upon and assumes the Text. Through study, the ideas that will eventually become our new thought system enter our awareness and are considered for the first time.

The Workbook = Practice
The Workbook is a training manual in the Course's method of spiritual practice, the exact same method of practice as recommended in the Text. Through practice, the ideas that we first encountered in the Text sink more deeply into our minds and become more fully our own.

The Manual for Teachers = Extension
The Manual for Teachers is intended primarily for experienced students who have gone through the Text and Workbook and are ready now for the final aspect of the Course's program: extension to others (working miracles). We extend to others through communicating—by thought, word, and deed—the healed perceptions we have allowed into our minds. Through extension, the ideas that entered our minds in the Text and that were reinforced by Workbook practice are further reinforced; it is by extending them that they become fully our own.

So, the simple answer to the question of how to make the Course practical is: Follow the Course's own program.

This website contains a wealth of articles on every aspect of the program, and Circle Publishing also has books and workshops that cover each aspect. Visit our bookstore for more information.

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