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NewThe Creative Impulse: What Place Does It Have in the Spiritual Life?  by Robert Perry
There is a deep-seated urge in our nature that we tend to associate more with art than spirituality: the impulse to create. This urge tends to get short shrift in spiritual circles, yet in various forms
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NewCommentary on Lesson 170: There is no cruelty in God and none in me.  by Robert Perry
We have probably all had moments when we realized that something that seemed to have great power over us in fact had none. Today we can realize that in relation to our belief in attack. We can realize
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NewShould We Dispense with Beliefs?  by Robert Perry
It is a popular sentiment these days that belief is of the ego, and that we should dispense with beliefs in favor of direct experience. What does the Course have to say about this? What role does it give
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NewCommentary on Lesson 163: There is no death. The Son of God is free.  by Robert Perry
The teaching in this lesson is quite profound, if you really understand what it is saying. Here I will try to present its argument—an argument for why you must, logically speaking, let go of your
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NewThe Promise of a Miraculous Life  by Robert Perry
The Course is not just promising us the occasional miracle. It’s really beckoning us into a life which is itself an ongoing miracle, the life lived by history’s great saints. Are we up for
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A Better Way

January/March Issue of A Better Way #139 In January, we released the Circle of Atonement's new Complete and Annotated Edition of A Course in Miracles ("CE" for short). For this edition of A Better Way, we asked people who played some part in producing the CE how they are experiencing their reading of the new edition, now that it is the version of the Course that they are actually using day to day. We hope you enjoy reading the responses. Click here to read this month's A Better Way.

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