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NewName of God Meditation  by Robert Perry
This article details an extremely effective meditation technique that is primarily taught in Workbook Lesson 183, one which has affinities with Catholic Centering Prayer and with the mystical classic The Clo
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NewThe Resurrection of Sigmund Freud  by Greg Mackie
The author of A Course in Miracles had a high regard for Sigmund Freud. He discussed Freud at length with the Course's scribes (both of whom were Freudian psychologists) in material that didn't make i
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NewA Course in Miracles Revisited  by Robert Perry
You may have heard about A Course in Miracles, or even "done" it and moved on, but perhaps it is time to revisit it.
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NewIs Jesus' Radical Love Ethic Impossible to Live Out?  by Greg Mackie
I recently attended a fascinating workshop by Jesus scholar Roy Hoover. Hoover presented evidence that Jesus' original message, stripped of the later theological agendas of the gospel writers, was
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NewShould we turn off the mind, as Eckhart Tolle says?  by Robert Perry
Eckhart Tolle says that the mind is the greatest obstacle to awakening—that it's good to use my mind to deal with moving through this world, but that to awaken, I need to learn how to stop thinking.
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A Better Way

September/October Issue of A Better Way #138 The article in this issue is one by Greg titled "'You Need to Learn How to Love Other People': A Story of Guidance." In this article, Greg shares a personal story about some transformative guidance he received and had the opportunity to put to the test: that the most crucial thing in life for him, as for all of us, is to learn how to love other people. Click here to read this month's A Better Way.

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A correction to my original comment-I wish I could redo that last sentence, because the phrase "eventually »
By: nancy pickard
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As Jeff said, what a thoughtful and insightful response. The Holy Spirit certainly does things in »
By: nancy pickard
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