A Healing Experience

by Nicola Perry

A few of us here at the Circle felt that it may be interesting and helpful for me to share a healing experience with our readership. I decided to share with you a recent healing session that touched me very deeply. To me, what happened epitomizes what Course-based spiritual healing is all about.

In May we had our "Prayer" workshop here in Sedona, led by Robert. It was a wonderfully inspiring weekend, and the next day one of the participants (whom I shall call Eve) came to me for a healing session. Eve opened by telling me of her concern over a medical symptom that quite possibly had a serious physical cause. She had been referred to a specialist, but this meeting was not scheduled for nearly three months. In the meantime, Eve was filled with fear about what may be wrong with her, and having to wait for such a long time before anything was done was placing a great strain on her. As she told me all this, Eve started quietly crying.

I reminded her of some of what we had been learning over the weekend: how our only true need was for God. When our minds, however, are filled with other apparent pressing needs, we not only lose sight of this one true need, but we can also feel alienated from God for having these other needs. Not only does God seem to diminish in importance by comparison, it can also seem as if we have been dumped by Him in our hour of need. Thoughts such as these—of desperately needing a certain outcome, or of anger at His holy indifference—can make it very difficult for us to turn to God in prayer in an open and genuine way.

I also reminded Eve of something else that was covered in the workshop, which was that we habitually decide for ourselves what our problem is, and then ask God to respond within the boundaries we have set for Him. We effectively narrow down the range in which we will hear Him speak to us. His perspective of our needs is far wider than ours, and we are likely to have much deeper needs met if we don't define our problem so specifically, and instead simply ask Him what He would have us know.

I suggested that, at the start of the healing session, she reflect briefly on those ideas, and then focus on asking for God's Word (that was the focus of my lesson for the day, something I had already shared with Eve since it beautifully summed up the ideas I had been talking about). At the same time, she should try and release the thought that she knew what the problem was that needed solving. I told her I would do the same.

Eve lay down on my therapy couch, and I held my hands above her head, starting the process of lifting my mind to a state where these truths seem so real. Suddenly I received an inner picture. (These occasionally come to me spontaneously, and can be a useful source of guidance.) In this vision I was in a beautiful garden, and Jesus was approaching me from a distance. He was dressed in dazzling white robes, and he held a large, white envelope. When he reached me, he held the envelope out towards me and said: "Do you want to know the outcome, or do you want to know God's Love?" The outcome, of course, referred to Eve's situation with her health.

In the beauty of the moment, it seemed wildly inappropriate to ask to know the outcome, although I have to confess that afterwards I was filled with curiosity! However, at the time there was only one decision that made sense, which was the choice for God's Love.

For the rest of the session, that became my only focus. I just tried to open myself up to be a channel for God's Love to reach Eve. Each time I became aware that I was fearful or concerned for her, I let the thought go, and then focused on seeing her as a beautiful, radiant being. I saw us standing together, bathed in light, both of us released from our earthly fears and problems. Most of all, I focused on the love that was available to both of us, and really tried to reach out in my mind to this love, desiring the experience of it above all else.

Towards the end of the session I asked within if there was anything I should know, or should say to Eve. I just got the sense that I should say how loved and cherished by God she was. This was something that had felt very real to me during the session.

Afterwards, before sharing my experience with her, I asked Eve to share with me anything that seemed relevant from the session. She just started crying, and said that she was filled with an incredible joy, because she had genuinely had an experience of God's Love for her. She had sensed how deeply cared for by God she was. She had also felt this as a physical sensation—she felt her heart open up, and love pour into it.

I was really struck with how closely Eve's experience matched mine, which I then shared with her. She found it deeply comforting, especially as it so closely echoed what had happened to her. Our inner experiences had been so incredibly similar, both in content (God's overwhelming Love for Eve) and intensity, that it reinforced our sense that they were genuine experiences. This had an uplifting effect on both of us.

When Eve left, she looked like a different person than the one who had walked in less than an hour previously, and I felt truly blessed by the encounter.

Postscript: Eve has kept in touch with me, and she found out recently that there is nothing serious causing her symptom. During the remaining time of waiting to see the specialist, the memory of what happened in the healing session helped her in dealing with the inevitable fears that came up from time to time, and she even had one experience of her own which seemed like a kind of "flashback" of what she'd experienced in the session.

Eve's story is inspirational to me because it shows what potential there is in two people joining for the purpose of healing, and really applying the Course's teaching to a specific problem. I am always amazed when the Course's lofty theory has such wonderful practical results! This particular story was also inspiring for me because as Course students, we are so often bogged down with the theoretical aspects of understanding the Course, yet it was through applying theory that both Eve and I had such wonderfully loving experiences.

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