Students's Experiences

The Course promises that "if you do it, you will see that it works" (T-9.V.9:2). This page is devoted to sharing the experiences of students who have experienced just that.

  • How I Found the Course Bernard Lacroix describes his experience of going through the entire program of the Course, including study, practice, extension, and the teachers of this Course (human teacher, Jesus, Holy Spirit).
  • How I Found the Course Robert Steeves, who at the time was teaching the Infinite Way, describes how, shortly before finding the Course, he heard an inner voice saying, "You will be shown another path to illumination." and "You will be shown another path to illumination."
  • How I Found the Course Ron Johnson opens the Course in a bookstore in, of all places, Sedona, Arizona, and has a life-altering experience. "Power flowed through me, Power so strong, it opposed nothing."
  • How I Found the Course Mary Eagle hears a TV preacher tell her to drop to her knees and ask God to show her the way, and she does just that.
  • How I Found the Course Robert Ferre finds the Course at Findhorn, where someone says to him, "Buy this book, it will change your life." Robert says, "I did. It did."
  • Applying ACIM Practices At Work Bret describes how he applied Course principals to a difficult situation at work.
  • Defusing a Violent Situation Ron Hansen describes how he used Course practices to defuse a violent situation.
  • A Healing Experience Nicola Perry gives a fascinating account of a transformative session of Course-based healing.
  • A Healing Experience Part II: Eve's Story In "A Healing Experience," Nicola told the story of a profound healing session with a woman she called Eve. In this article, we hear Eve's side of the story, both of the session itself and what happened to the medical condition that prompted her to come to Nicola for healing.
  • "I Want to Give Ron Back to You" Mary Lucero shares a life changing experience of seeing her husband with the eyes of Christ.
  • My Journey with the Workbook Robert Perry chronicles his relationship with the Workbook from 1981 to 1996, showing how initially empty and yet how ultimately life-changing the Workbook can be.
  • My Journey with Post-Workbook Practice So, you've been through the Workbook several times, and you are wondering what kind of spiritual practice to follow now? Greg Mackie shares from his own experience, and from the Course's own recommendations for post-Workbook practice.
  • "If You Do It, You Will See That It Works": An Experience of Universal Love Greg Mackie shares a dramatic spiritual experience he had during a retreat, "the most powerful spiritual experience of my life." This article describes this experience of universal love for God and His creation, and relates the powerful lessons that it taught.
  • "The Ego Does Want to Kill You" Greg Mackie shares a harrowing but ultimately rewarding encounter with his ego unmasked. This article describes this experience of the "murderer within" and relates the many positive lessons that came from that experience.
  • A Holy Instant John Hutkin gives a remarkable account of what happened to one student when he decided "to forgive with no strings attached."
  • The Holy Spirit Will Provide A Course in Miracles tells us that the Holy Spirit will provide everything we truly need to fulfill the function He has given us—even material things. Nicola Perry shares an amazing and delightful personal story in which He did just that.
  • Healing and A Course in Miracles Judy Allen tells her moving story of using the Course to find healing for cancer.

Share Your Experience

If you have had an experience of doing the Course and finding that it worked for you, in the form of an inner experience, an interpersonal healing, or even a physical healing, please write us at with "Student Experience" in the subject. We are especially interested in stories of applying the Circle's model of doing the Course "by the book" and experiencing results.