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  • What are our creations? by Greg Mackie. What are "our creations"? Why do they "wait for us"?
  • Why and how did the separation occur? by Greg Mackie. This is probably the single most-frequently-asked question among Course students. In this article, Greg summarizes what the Course has to say about this question.
  • Does the Holy Spirit do things? by Greg Mackie. Does the Holy Spirit actually DO things in the world? Ken Wapnick says He does not, and I would like to know your view.
  • Are our lives predetermined, or do we have free choice? by Greg Mackie. All events and circumstances are predetermined in the sense that they are part of the Holy Spirit's script of our journey through time and space, a journey that has already been completed. We have free choice in the sense that we can freely give and receive miracles, which both shifts our perception of events in the script and "fast forwards" us through parts of the script.
  • Repetition in the Course by Greg Mackie. Why is the Course so repetitive? Why can't it be simpler/shorter/edited?
  • What Attitude Would the Course Have Us Hold Toward the Ego? by Greg Mackie. In my Course group, people seem to blame all of their problems on the ego—almost a "devil made me do it" kind of attitude. What attitude would the Course have us hold toward the ego?
  • Correcting Error from the Bottom Up by Greg Mackie. What does the Course mean when it says that "correction must be introduced vertically from the bottom up" (T-1.VI.3:3)?
  • What Are the Great Rays? by Greg Mackie. I have found in A Course in Miracles quotes referring to the Rays and seven Rays (about eight times). Why did Jesus refer to this concept of metaphysics (the Rays) but did not comment on other aspects of form in the so-called physical world? Are not the Rays just as unreal as any other aspects of form, or is this just another metaphor?
  • Why are some judgments more difficult to give up than others? by Greg Mackie. Why are some judgments more difficult to give up than others? For example, why is it easy for me not to judge people for the color of their skin, but difficult not to judge their behavior or character?
  • If I see other people as making mistakes, am I judging? by Robert Perry. When I see other people's mistakes of any kind, when I think the way they are acting or talking is wrong or hurtful or selfish, am I judging them? Do I have to accept everybody's wrongdoings? In the last year my experience was that they even took advantage of my acceptance!!

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