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  • What should we do when we think someone else is coming from the ego? by Greg Mackie. I have a Course friend who frequently points it out when he thinks I am coming from my ego. Is this something the Course recommends? What would the Course have us do when it appears to us that someone else is coming from the ego?
  • What is the role of silence? by Greg Mackie. What is the role of silence (stilling the mind) in the practice of A Course in Miracles?
  • Did we co-create the whole creation with God? by Greg Mackie. Question: In the Text, chapter 30, section II.3:5-6 it says: "What lies in you has joined with God Himself in all creation's birth. Remember Him Who has created you, and through your will created everything. Not one thing but gives you thanks, for it is by your will that it was born." This is the first time that I recall the Course saying that we created, with God, the whole creation. Perhaps you could clear this up for me.
  • How Should We Respond to the Beauty in This Illusory World? by Greg Mackie. How does one live in the world where it appears that there is so much to appreciate, such as the beauty of the mountains, the warmth of friendship, the song of a bird, beautiful paintings, and beautiful music, while all the time knowing that it is an illusion? I was shocked to realize that, as a result of denying the reality of these things, I was also discounting, withdrawing, and separating myself, and (as strange as this may sound of a Course student) feeling that I shouldn't be appreciating the beauty of nature and the creative and loving actions of people. Rather than joining my brothers, as the Course asks of me, I was actually separating myself from them.
  • Who Carries Out the Last Judgment? by Greg Mackie. I am confused about the definition of the Last Judgment in A Course in Miracles. In some places, it says the Last Judgment is carried out by the Sonship, while in others it says that the Last Judgment is carried out by God. Help!
  • How Can Forgiveness Diminish the Pain of Being Attacked? by Greg Mackie. What can one do when being attacked? Certainly I understand forgiveness for and prayer for the attacker, but that does little if anything to diminish the pain of being attacked. Witness the many suicides that are precipitated by such events. What wisdom does A Course in Miracles have for this?
  • More Questions about Animals by Greg Mackie. We get a lot of questions about animals — so many, in fact, that we already have two other Q & A's on the topic. We've received a few more questions that weren't directly covered in those previous pieces, so we thought it would be worthwhile to write one more piece on animals. In this piece, Greg addresses vegetarianism, the suffering of animals, and what happens when animals die.
  • Is Calling the World an Illusion Really Helpful? by Greg Mackie. Is calling the world an illusion, as A Course in Miracles does, really helpful? It doesn't seem to do anyone any good to claim that this world is just an illusion when that claim doesn't do anything to alleviate the very real pain and suffering we experience while in this illusion. The Course also says that we can awaken any time. These seem to be just empty words since nobody, except maybe Jesus, has accomplished this.
  • Is It a Sin to Have a Special Function? by Robert Perry. This article is in response to the comments of one of our members, who confessed to feeling guilty about the idea of having a special function, thinking, "It is sinful to be special." She asked for Robert's response.
  • Do we actually choose all the specific events of our lives? by Greg Mackie. A Course in Miracles suggests that the events in our lives are our choice. But does this actually mean that all the specific events themselves are our choice? Or does it simply mean that all events are the indirect consequences of our choice to listen to the ego or the Holy Spirit, just as weight gain is the indirect consequence of our choice to eat a lot of food?

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