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  • A Better Way #70 "The Joy of Realizing That This Place Is Hell." We have a hard time admitting just what a nightmare life on earth really is, because we think such an admission would inevitably sink us into the depths of despair. Greg shows how realizing that this place is hell, while sobering, can actually be a gateway to great joy.
  • A Better Way #69 "Questioning Every Value That You Hold" At the Circle, we've had many Course students who have been drawn to our teaching approach and have benefited from it. Yet at times, we've also gotten the impression that at least for some, our teaching can be a bit of a downer. While I don't regard our teaching as a downer myself, I can understand where that perception comes from. It's really true that we don't use the kind of "feel good" approach so prevalent in the self-help and alternative spirituality markets today. Given that our teaching style can be challenging and contrarian at times, it's reasonable to ask: Why do we teach the way we do? This article answers that question.
  • A Better Way #68 "What is God like?" Is He angry, indifferent, or loving? This is a hugely important question, for how we see God colors how we see everything. In this article, Robert takes a look at our attitude toward God and at how A Course in Miracles portrays God. We will find that the Course's view is so extreme, so different from conventional assumptions, that we may find ourselves quite surprised.
  • A Better Way #67 "How Do We Spend Our Days After the Workbook?" If you are a student of A Course in Miracles and have completed the Workbook, what do you do afterward? The epilogue to the Workbook gives the impression that you just sail along under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. However, we receive a much more specific picture of what to do after the Workbook in Section 24 of the Manual for Teachers, "How Should the Teacher of God Spend His Day?" The general rules laid out in this section provide a great snapshot of how Jesus sees more mature students living his course.
  • A Better Way #66 "The Importance of Relationships in A Course in Miracles " Interpersonal relationships in this world are "the means of return" according to the Course, but Course students often have difficulty reconciling this with the Course's metaphysics. If the world is an illusion, why would relationships in this world matter? Robert shows that the Course's emphasis on relationships is actually an expression of its metaphysics: Relationships are part of the very fabric of Heaven, so our earthly relationships are meant to be a reflection of Heaven's perfect relationships.
  • A Better Way #65 "Seek Not to Change the World?" The Course famously says, "Seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world" (T-21.In.1:7). Course students generally take this to mean that changing things in the external world, including behaviorally extending help to others, is not part of the Course's path. But is that really what this line means?
  • A Better Way #64 "Why I Am a Course Purist." The term "Course purist" may sound like rigid fundamentalism, but for Robert being a Course purist is reasonable, healthy, freeing, and life-giving. In this article, Robert explains why he is a Course purist and describes the many benefits this approach to the Course has given him.
  • A Better Way #63 "What If Jesus Really Did Write This?" This is a lightly edited version of a talk Robert gave at the 2007 ACIM Conference in San Francisco. Robert presents his reasons for believing that Jesus really did write A Course in Miracles, and explores the huge implications of that amazing claim.
  • A Better Way #62 A Course in Miracles and The Secret Greg answers the question—Are the teachings of the popular video The Secret compatible with those of the Course?
  • A Better Way #61 The Rules That Promise You a Happy Day: My Practice of the Rules for Decision. Greg briefly examines the "Rules for Decision" (T-30.I), describes his experience of practicing them, and shares the benefits this practice has brought to his life.

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