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  • A Better Way #80 "These Words Dispel the Night." As Course in Miracles students, we have an ambivalent relationship with words. This is a truly unfortunate state of affairs, for repeating words is the Course's main practice, a practice on which it is resting the achievement of its goals for us. In this article, Robert explores the "why," "how," and "when" of the Course's practice of repeating words, drawing extensively from the Workbook's voluminous instructions on this practice. He hopes this will be the beginning of an ongoing discussion on this crucial topic. The goal the Course has set for us depends on it.
  • A Better Way #79 Never Correct a Brother's Errors? The "Correction of Error" section in the Text (T-9.III) is a section that confounds many Course students. It is often taken to say that you should never correct a brother's error at any time for any reason. But does this section really say that? Greg examines the section carefully and draws from other Course material—especially the sections immediately following—to come up with an answer that may surprise you.
  • A Better Way #78 "Interpretation and the Future of the Course" Course students tend to have an uneasy relationship with the whole idea of interpreting the Course, yet the issue of interpretation is crucial, for how we interpret the Course determines our whole relationship with it. There are many perspectives on how to interpret the Course but the key question is "What did Jesus think about interpretation?" Robert offers an answer to that question based on the Course material itself, an answer that provides a whole new vision of Course interpretation.
  • A Better Way #77 "I Follow in the Way Appointed Me: Reflections on Workbook Lesson 317." Lesson 317 is a powerful and beautiful lesson. It says that each of us has a specific part to play in God's plan for salvation, and completing that part is essential for the world's salvation and our own. In this article, Greg shares his personal reflections on this lesson and invites you to explore its implications for your life as well.
  • A Better Way #76 "A Conversation with Readers about "Miracles Boomeritis." In this issue, we have "A Conversation with Readers on Miracles Boomeritis." We've collected the feedback to Robert's article "Miracles Boomeritis" (A Better Way #75), an article which suggests that the Course community has been infected by an intellectual virus that is pervasive in modern culture: the idea that there are no absolute truths, and therefore "no one tells me what to do!" Read Robert's responses to the feedback, and his overall comments on what that feedback suggests about the presence of boomeritis in the Course community. We'll be publishing more correspondence on this topic in the next issue of A Better Way, so there's still time to join the discussion.
  • A Better Way #75 "Miracles Boomeritis" "Boomeritis" is a term coined by transpersonal philosopher Ken Wilber to describe the pervasive cultural mindset of our time. This mindset, which Wilber believes began with the "baby boomer" generation, says that there is no absolute truth, there is only my truth and your truth, and therefore "Nobody tells me what to do!" In this article, Robert asks: Do we Course students have boomeritis? Are boomeritis and the Course compatible? What do we do about this issue?
  • A Better Way #74 "The Urgency of Doing Our Part in Salvation," Most students of A Course in Miracles know that the Course tells us to be patient regarding the ultimate outcome of salvation. But it may come as a surprise to learn that the Course also tells us it is urgent that we start doing our part to bring about salvation. To awaken this sense of urgency in us, Greg draws out this theme in the Course material, with a particular emphasis on the "celestial speed-up" — the Holy Spirit's response to the "acute emergency" of our current condition, a speed-up that Jesus told Helen the Course was intended to help facilitate.
  • A Better Way #73 "Anchoring a Tradition: Why We Are Launching the Circle Course Community" How can the Course accomplish the purpose for which it came? If the Course really is Jesus' second appearance, how can we ensure that things don't go awry like they did the first time? In this article, Robert expresses his and the Circle's conviction that the Course needs to eventually be embedded in a tradition, a global support network of students and teachers seeking to walk the Course's path the way that Jesus intended. This, he says, is why we decided to form the Circle Course Community.
  • A Better Way #72 "Realizing the Promises of the Course Why We Are Launching the Circle Course Community" This month's article is Realizing the Promises of the Course: Why We Are Launching the Circle Course Community, by Robert Perry. We are all on the spiritual path for the sake of the benefits promised, and the Course promises us the biggest benefits imaginable. Yet it also ties those benefits to doing what it asks, something we seem to find nearly impossible. How can we raise ourselves up to follow the Course's instructions and realize its promises?
  • A Better Way #71 "The Practice of Being Present to God" We tend to think of meditation as turning inward, clearing away the distractions, and being fully present to something within our own mind. In a sense, then, we view meditation as an act of being present to ourselves. But many of the Course's meditations offer another perspective: They frame meditation as an act of being present to Someone Else, namely God. In this article, Robert explores the idea of meditation as the practice of being totally present to God.

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