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  • A Better Way #90 Virtually every Course student is familiar with the idea that attack is really a call for love. Most take this idea to mean that even when a person's actions look like an attack, the person is really just looking for love. But is that what the Course actually means?
  • A Better Way #89 This month's article is "The Law of Love Is Universal: Reflections on the Prayer for Lesson 345." Lesson 345, "I offer only miracles today, for I would have them be returned to me," suggests a whole new way of living in the world: a way of selfless giving rooted in the "law of love." In this article, Greg goes through this prayer line by line and draws out its meaning for our lives.
  • A Better Way #88 In Part I, Robert wrote about the important role behavior plays in the Course. Here, he draws out the Course's thought system on behavior, a thought system he discovered while doing research for Part I. In the end, he reveals a dramatically new vision of behavior—a vision which may give you a new vision of A Course in Miracles.
  • A Better Way #87 Behavior is a confusing and contentious topic among Course students. We often hear the claim that the Course is not interested in our behavior, since, after all, it is illusory. In part one of this article, "The Presence and Role of Behavior in A Course in Miracles," Robert provides copious evidence for the importance of behavior in the Course, and then describes the role behavior plays in the Course's salvation process.
  • A Better Way #86 This issue of A Better Way is timed to be concurrent with the release of Robert's first non-Course book, which is titled, Signs: A New Approach to Coincidence, Synchronicity, Guidance, Life Purpose, and God's Plan. The book is about a phenomenon that Robert has been working with for many years, which might be called an extreme form of synchronicity. Therefore, our article in this issue is about whether or not this phenomenon is in harmony with the Course. Robert argues that it is, not only on general grounds, but because an occurrence of this phenomenon played a pivotal role in the early story of the Course.
  • A Better Way #85 We Course students tend to shrink from the word "holiness," rarely using the word in our conversations about the Course and redefining it as "wholeness" when we do. Yet in the Course itself, the goal of holiness—true saintliness, godliness, purity, perfection of character, sinlessness—is front and center. In this article, Robert helps us reconcile ourselves with the word and idea of holiness and the central role holiness plays in A Course in Miracles
  • A Better Way #84 "Brother, Can You Spare a Miracle?" The big thing on everyone's mind today is the economy. What do we do in the face of such hard times? In this article, Greg presents a prescription for how we can survive and even flourish during the current economic crisis, a prescription rooted in what the Course calls the "law of love": "What I give my brother is my gift to me."
  • A Better Way #83 The article for this month is "It's For Real: Finding and Fulfilling Your Special Function," by Robert Perry. In this article, Robert continues the exploration of the special function begun in the last issue of A Better Way. This time, he addresses the more down-to-earth side of the special function, drawing from his personal experience and the example of Helen Schucman to answer practical questions such as "How do I find my special function?", "How do I make myself fit for it?", and "How do I deal with my resistance to it?"
  • A Better Way #82 This month's article is "What on Earth Is Our Special Function?" by Robert Perry. We all yearn for a special calling or life's purpose, and the Course term "special function" seems to refer to exactly that. Yet we often resist this interpretation and conclude that our special function is simply to forgive particular people in our lives. What does the Course really teach here? Does it teach the "specific calling" or the "just forgive" perspective?
  • A Better Way #81 A Course in Miracles regards holy relationships as "the source of your salvation" (T-20.VIII.6:9). Yet as appealing as the idea of holy relationships sounds and as important as holy relationships are in the eyes of the Course, the concept is almost universally misunderstood by Course students. This article aims to clear up some of the confusion. Just what is a holy relationship? How does it develop? Why are holy relationships such a vital aspect of the Course's path to salvation? And if they are so vital, how exactly can I find one for myself?

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