Course Meets World Commentary Greg Mackie

On this page, I will post short commentaries relating A Course in Miracles to a topic "in the news." Here's how it works: I will present material drawn from the world's media—a newspaper article, a blog, an Internet discussion, etc. (with a link to the original source). Then, I will discuss the relationship I see between it and A Course in Miracles. For example, I might show how it echoes things said in the Course, or contrast what it says with the Course's view of the same topic. The goal is to bring a Course perspective to topics being discussed in the larger world.

  • What would love do? We're all familiar with "What would Jesus do?" Well, to me, A Course in Miracles is all about "What would love do?"
  • Do What You Love? "Do what you love." How many times have we heard this? And who could object to it? It seems like the perfect advice for anyone seeking to live a happy and meaningful life. However, I recently read a New York Times article by Gordon Marino that points out a number of problems with an uncritical acceptance of the "Do what you love" mantra-problems that I believe are solved brilliantly by the concept of the special function in A Course in Miracles.