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  • "These Words Dispel the Night" As Course in Miracles students, we have an ambivalent relationship with words. This is a truly unfortunate state of affairs, for repeating words is the Course's main practice, a practice on which it is resting the achievement of its goals for us. In this article, Robert explores the "why," "how," and "when" of the Course's practice of repeating words, drawing extensively from the Workbook's voluminous instructions on this practice. He hopes this will be the beginning of an ongoing discussion on this crucial topic. The goal the Course has set for us depends on it.
  • Why Does the Course Model Itself After Education Rather Than Religion? Isn't it odd that Jesus, the central figure in American religion, reappeared (if we are to believe A Course in Miracles) not to devout Christians, but to two university psychologists and authored through them an educational course? Why has he jumped ship from religion to education? Robert offers his reflections.
  • Should We Dispense with Beliefs? It is a popular sentiment these days that belief is of the ego, and that we should dispense with beliefs in favor of direct experience. What does the Course have to say about this? What role does it give to belief on the spiritual journey?
  • How to Deal with Payment in a Spiritual Ministry Spiritual ministries always seem to be struggling financially (not that we would know anything about that!), while at the same time wrestling with larger questions of how to see money and whether to charge money for services. These questions are actually dealt with head-on in a section called "The Question of Payment" at the end of the Psychotherapy supplement. In this article, Robert extrapolates what that section has to say about money and payment for spiritual ministries in general.
  • Is Following the Practice Instructions Ritualistic? It is conventional wisdom among Course students that we shouldn't try too hard to follow the practice instructions in the Workbook, because that just turns Workbook practice into a ritual. But what is the Workbook's own attitude about this? The introduction to Review III, in which Jesus talks both about the ways we engage in ritual and about the importance of following the practice instructions, provides an answer to this question.
  • Conclusion of Return to the Heart of God In this personal piece, Robert attempts to describe what he finds "so amazing" about the Course after twenty-five years of studying and practicing it. This conclusion to the book has received so much positive feedback, along with requests to offer it as a stand-alone piece, that we finally decided to post it to the website.
  • God's Blessing Shines upon Me from Within My Heart This is a guided meditation for Lesson 207 from our 2008 Workbook recordings. Many thanks to Mary Anne Buchowski of Course Oasis in Ottawa, Canada for transcribing this.
  • Suggested Readings from A Course in Miracles for a Memorial Service These are quotes from the Course material that are designed to be suitable for reading at a memorial service. They express the Course's view of death while not presuming that those listening are familiar with the Course and its philosophy. These quotes were originally selected and arranged by Robert for the memorial service of the Circle's dear friends Carl and Jane Suraci, who died on November 1, 2007.
  • The Urgency of Doing Our Part in Salvation Most students of A Course in Miracles know that the Course tells us to be patient regarding the ultimate outcome of salvation. But it may come as a surprise to learn that the Course also tells us it is urgent that we start doing our part to bring about salvation. To awaken this sense of urgency in us, Greg draws out this theme in the Course material, with a particular emphasis on the "celestial speed-up" — the Holy Spirit's response to the "acute emergency" of our current condition, a speed-up that Jesus told Helen the Course was intended to help facilitate.
  • What Does That Line about "the Sole Responsibility of the Miracle Worker" Really Mean? Students often quote this line to make the point that my sole responsibility is me. I shouldn't be trying to help others or save the world. But is that what it really means?.

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