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  • The Purpose of Time The importance of time's purpose cannot be overemphasized. Our concept of what time is for, what our lives are for, and what our very being is for, needs radical realignment. If this does not change—if we continue to be guided by the ego's dark belief in our guilt, in which this world functions as a place of punishment—we will never find God, and we will never find our Self.
  • Jesus Reborn in Us Letting the Christmas season remind us, not of a birth in ancient times, but of Jesus' birth in us in this time, now.
  • Tips on Practice: Reading Aloud and Expanded Prayers A brief exploration of two powerful techniques for making our Course practice come alive: reading the lesson aloud, and turning what we read into a spoken prayer.
  • The Practice of Mental Vigilance Discusses the crucial and helpful practice of "watching" our thoughts, as taught in the Course.
  • Handling Our Fears The tough truth the Course sets forth is that we are responsible for our fear. It tells us that fear is not involuntary; it is our responsibility. The good news is that there is a way out of our self-made fear. Allen shows us the way out, drawing mainly on a couple of sections from early in the Text.
  • Falling In Love With Everyone An ever-popular article about seeing in everyone the same beauty we see in a special someone.
  • The Message of the Course: An Overview Allen present three different ways of summarizing the message of the Course, three different perspectives or ways of looking at the same thing. This will be like three snapshots of a house taken from different spots; each one presents a whole picture, but taken together, they give a kind of three-dimensional representation.
  • The Story of the Course A Course in Miracles was first published in June of 1976. As spiritual teachings go, then, it is a very recent document. Many people who have studied it find it on a par with, or even superior to, other writings often referred to as scriptures. I personally believe that the influence of the Course has barely begun, and that people will be studying and discussing it hundreds of years from now.
  • My Salvation Comes from Me My problems lie solely within my mind, and only I can do anything about them.
  • Forgiving Yourself Should we focus on forgiving others or forgiving ourselves? How exactly do we forgive ourselves?

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