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  • Forgiving Yourself Should we focus on forgiving others or forgiving ourselves? How exactly do we forgive ourselves?
  • Using Proper ACIM References If you are new to A Course in Miracles, you may wonder about that series of letters and numbers (like "T-20.VIII.1:1") that follows quotations from the Course in our articles. This is the referencing system for the Second (and now Third) Edition of the Course published by the Foundation for Inner Peace. In this article, Allen shows you how to read, understand, and use this system.
  • Summary and Commentary on "I Need do Nothing" This article summarizes the important but easily misunderstood section "I Need Do Nothing," discussing what exactly it means to do nothing (it may not be what you think).
  • How Can We Distinguish Between the Ego and the Holy Spirit? An in-depth answer, including practical advice for application, to one of the most perplexing questions for Course students.
  • What Does the Shroud of Turin Mean? This article explores the possible significance of the Shroud as "Jesus' own gospel, his way of communicating to posterity the same message he taught during his life." Inspired by the work of the Jesus Seminar and by the Course's interpretation of the crucifixion and resurrection.
  • The Course's Definition of "Idols" In common parlance we speak of idols as false gods that we look to for salvation. The Course takes this same usage and expands and deepens it, providing remarkable insight on the things we look to for salvation and why those things will not save us.
  • Loving, Our Sacred Trust Our purpose is to live every moment, every day, with every person, extending only love.
  • "When I Said...": Jesus Commenting in the Course on His Own Sayings in the Bible In the Course, Jesus sometimes refers to his sayings in the Bible. Do these references support those sayings, or suggest he never said them, or subtly correct the sayings, or all of the above?

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