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  • A Basic Outline of Course-based Psychotherapy What exactly is Course-based psychotherapy? What does a Course-based therapist do to bring about healing? What elements of the therapist's work are the elements that actually accomplish the healing? In this article, Robert presents an overview of the psychotherapeutic process as described in the Course supplement Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process, and Practice.
  • A Joint Portrait of Jesus In this condensation of a longer article entitled "Who Was the Jesus of History and Did He Write A Course in Miracles?" Robert presents a brief sketch of the commonalities between the Jesus of the Course and the Jesus revealed by modern historical scholarship. What emerges is a portrait of an entrancing figure with a unique and challenging vision.
  • The Story of the Course A Course in Miracles was first published in June of 1976. As spiritual teachings go, then, it is a very recent document. Many people who have studied it find it on a par with, or even superior to, other writings often referred to as scriptures. I personally believe that the influence of the Course has barely begun, and that people will be studying and discussing it hundreds of years from now.
  • From Monkey Mind to the Mind of God The Course criticizes our current thoughts but then rather than disparaging thought altogether, urges us to find our real thoughts. What are these real thoughts? How exactly can we make contact with them?
  • The Teacher/Pupil Relationship We at the Circle have long maintained that the Manual for Teachers describes a teacher-pupil relationship in which a more experienced Course student acts as a mentor to the less-experienced student. In this article, Robert lays out the evidence for this relationship in the Manual.
  • An Editorial on Jesus Channeling Some observations of how we might view the many "channels" who claim to be channeling additional words from the author of the Course, Jesus.
  • How Long Until I Am Out of Here? This article deals with a question that is a source of anxiety and confusion for many students of the Course: How long will it take us to fully awaken from the dream? How long will it take us to leave illusions behind for good and return to our Heavenly home? In this article, Robert offers his own views on this question, based on his reading of the Course. The answer in a nutshell: We could awaken at any moment, but it will likely be a very long time before we choose to do so.
  • What is A Course in Miracles? An in-depth answer to this most fundamental of questions, which presents the Course as a magnificent synthesis of nine seemingly disparate categories: 1) a channeled spiritual teaching, 2) a modern educational Course, 3) a public communication from Jesus, 4) a psychological system, both theoretical and therapeutic, 5) an inspired scripture, in the lineage of the Bible 6) a path of enlightenment, 7) a philosophical system of ideas, 8) a literary work of art, and 9) a manual for how to heal others, heal relationships, and save the world.
  • How Jesus Applied the Course to the Lives of Helen and Bill The Course can seem so general and nonspecific. What would it look like fleshed out, applied in an actual human life? We find an answer to this question in the extensive guidance Jesus gave to Helen and Bill on how to apply the Course to their lives.
  • My Salvation Comes from Me My problems lie solely within my mind, and only I can do anything about them.

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