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  • Falling In Love With Everyone An ever-popular article about seeing in everyone the same beauty we see in a special someone.
  • Miracles as the Power of Reality It may seem that seeing a miracle as an amazing happening within the world is incompatible with the Course's teaching that the world is an illusion. In this piece, Robert defines "miracle" to show that amazing happenings in the world are the natural consequence of the world's unreality.
  • What Does it Mean to Do Nothing? A Commentary on T-18.VII "I Need Do Nothing" is such a gem of a section. This article summarizes its profound message in terms of three ways of living: the way of the world, the pursuit of holiness, and "I need do nothing."
  • Fear and Conflict What do you do when your impulses are split between the baser and nobler elements in you? Do you continually act only on your nobler impulses? Do you switch back and forth, so that the baser gets some gratification? Or is there a third option?
  • Life Is but a Dream We may believe that this life is a dream. Yet how can it be, when things so often act against our wishes, seemingly proving that they have an independent will and are not mere figures in our dream? This article offers a lengthy and mind-expanding answer, based on the section in the Text entitled "The Forgiving Dream."
  • Does Behavior Matter? A New Vision of the Importance of Loving Behavior This article discusses the role of loving behavior in the Course's program. Contrary to the common view that behavior has no role whatsoever to play in the Course's system, this article claims that loving behavior plays a vital and necessary role in extending love to others.
  • The Promise of a Miraculous Life The Course is not just promising us the occasional miracle. It’s really beckoning us into a life which is itself an ongoing miracle, the life lived by history’s great saints. Are we up for it?
  • 16-Point Summary of the Teaching of A Course in Miracles
  • The Message of the Course: An Overview Allen present three different ways of summarizing the message of the Course, three different perspectives or ways of looking at the same thing. This will be like three snapshots of a house taken from different spots; each one presents a whole picture, but taken together, they give a kind of three-dimensional representation.
  • What Does A Course in Miracles Teach?

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