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  • What to Do When Your Joy Is Gone The Course promises us that we can live in pure joy all the time, but what can we do when we aren't feeling joyous? This article presents a step-by-step process, taken from the last two paragraphs of T-5.VII, for what to do when your joy is gone.
  • Appreciating the Masterpiece, Part 2 This article, the second of the two-part series, shows how seeing the Course as an artistic masterpiece can enrich our study and experience of it. It examines some of the methods developed by artists and art teachers to reveal the hidden treasures of great art, and shows the benefits of applying these same methods to the Course.
  • Appreciating the Masterpiece, Part 1 Many Course students have marvelled at the sheer poetic beauty of A Course in Miracles. Indeed, in addition to being a profound spiritual teaching and practical program in mind training, the Course is an artistic masterpiece. This article, the first of a two-part series, explores the Course as a great work of art, and shows how seeing it as such can help reveal both the transformative depth and the ultimate clarity of its seemingly impenetrable writing style.
  • Artistic Techniques Used in A Course in Miracles A companion piece to two articles on the Course as a work of art, this article describes some of the artistic techniques used by the Course—techniques like allusion, imagery, personification, and symbolism.
  • Meditation in A Course in Miracles Does the Course teach meditation? This article answers with a strong "yes," and then talks about where in the Course it is taught, what the method is, and how we can practice it.
  • What Is the Holy Instant? An in-depth examination of the holy instant. Allen describes two senses of the holy instant: 1) the one eternal instant of creation that we experience constantly once we are fully in the real world, and 2) a moment in time in which we experience, to a greater or lesser degree, the reality of that eternal holy instant.
  • Twenty Anti-Healing Thoughts If we are going to learn how to be truly helpful to others, we must first learn that helpfulness is not a matter of behavior, but of thought; actually, a matter of getting rid of all the thoughts that stand in the way of real helfpulness. This article examines twenty such thoughts.
  • A Course in Miracles as a Spiritual Path We can divide the Course into two aspects: its teaching, and what we do with that teaching, how we live it. This article is a brief overview of that second aspect: what it means to walk the path of the Course.
  • Receiving the Holy Instant We all want to experience holy instants. Why don't we experience them more? In this article, based on the Text section "A Little Willingness" (T-18.IV), Allen describes the many blocks that keep the holy instant from us, and then concludes by giving us the one requirement for receiving the holy instant.
  • A Case of Mistaken Identity Who are we, really? Not the ego.

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