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  • A Course in Miracles and Jesus of Nazareth There is a reasonable case to be made for a genuine continuity between Jesus of Nazareth and the Jesus of A Course in Miracles.
  • The Course's Language Is Clear, Simple, Direct How should we approach the words of the Course, as largely literal or largely metaphorical? In this study, Robert seeks to answer this question by looking to the Course's own statements about its language.
  • Turning Things over to the Holy Spirit: The Single Practice for Applying the Course? For many students of the Course, turning it over to the Holy Spirit is the single way to apply the Course. Is that where the Course is leading us?
  • The Holiness of Christmas Based on Helen Schucman's poem by the same name. This poem portrays us as wise men who come before the infant Jesus and give him all of our "hidden venom." A new, and very practical, twist on an old story.
  • How to Listen for Guidance Wouldn't it be great if A Course in Miracles gave us detailed instructions in precisely how to listen for the Holy Spirit's messages?
  • What Does It Mean to Ask in Jesus' Name? More than once in A Course in Miracles, Jesus urges us to ask for something in his name. This sounds very traditional and also magical, as if calling on Jesus will somehow boost the power of our prayers. But what does it really mean to ask for something in Jesus' name? Robert offers an answer based on Course passages in which we are invited to do just that.
  • Why Did We Come to Earth? Did we come here to learn lessons in the classroom of earth, or did we come here to escape God and to die? A survey of the Course's statements about why we came offers a surprising answer.
  • The Therapist and the Theologian In "The Unhealed Healer," the Course paints a portrait of a traditional theologian and a Freudian psychotherapist. Despite their differences, both have fallen into the ego's plan for forgiveness in their attempts to heal those who come to them.
  • If a Brother Asks You for Something Outrageous In a passage which has frustrated many a student, the Course says, "If your brothers ask you for something 'outrageous,' do it because it does not matter." Does this mean that we are supposed to become doormats? What does it mean?
  • "What Should I Do for Him, Your Holy Son?"
    How We Can Truly Forgive Others and Set Ourselves Free
    As every Course student knows, forgiveness is the central teaching of the Course. But how can we truly forgive in a way that will set our brothers and ourselves free from suffering and awaken us to God's Love? Greg shares a powerful forgiveness practice he created, based on the "Forgiveness" chapter of The Song of Prayer.

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