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  • Christmas: The Birth of Holiness into this World The first Christmas was a holy instant in which holiness was born into this world. From there, it will "grow in life and strength and hope until the world is still an instant, and forgets all that the dream of sin had made of it."
  • Welcome Me Not into a Manger In the Course, Jesus asks us not to welcome him into a manger. If he had told this to Mary and Joseph, it would have made sense. But what does it mean when he tells this to us?
  • "Course-Sanctioned" Excuses to Not Practice the Lessons Might it not be more spiritual to not do the lessons according to the Workbook's rigid, pre-planned structure? Robert explores two lessons that address the spiritual-sounding excuses we give for not doing our Workbook practice.
  • Name of God Meditation This article details an extremely effective meditation technique that is primarily taught in Workbook Lesson 183, one which has affinities with Catholic Centering Prayer and with the mystical classic The Cloud of Unknowing.
  • Jesus, Healing and Miracles: The Promise of Course-Based Healing The Course promises that we can do miracles like Jesus did, yet how can we reconcile that with the Course’s teaching that the body is an illusion? Is there a way to see the healing of the body as a tool for the awakening of the mind?
  • What Does It Mean to Give Miracles to Others? The Course tells us to "offer miracles." How many of us are doing so? What does it mean to offer a miracle?
  • Do We Really Live by the Laws of Chaos? "The Laws of Chaos" is one of the most difficult and provocative sections in the Course. It details five laws that it says we live by. But do we? This article attempts to get us in touch with the fact that we do.
  • How Holy Is the Smallest Grain of Sand! There is a passage in the Course that talks about the holiness of a grain of sand. Yet the Course also teaches that all form is illusion. Deciphering this puzzling passage reveals a view in which life or mind is present within all natural forms.
  • What the Iraq Prison Abuse Scandal Reveals: Looking Calmly at the Monster and Letting It Go The recent revelations of severe prisoner abuse by American military personnel in Iraq have shocked people throughout the world. In this article, Greg shows that the horrors of Abu Graib Prison are reflections of the ego "monster" that lives in all of us. Looking at this monster calmly without blinders gives us a precious opportunity to let it go through forgiveness.
  • "In My Defenselessness My Safety Lies"
    Letting Go of Our Defenses Against Our Brothers
    The Course claims that only defenselessness ensures our safety. But how can we live this teaching? How can we let go of our defenses against our brothers and embrace the radical defenselessness that alone will bring us and the world safety, peace, and salvation?

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