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  • A Simple Healing Prayer We all feel drawn to praying for others at one time or another. Yet how can we do so in a way that is in keeping with the Course? Nicola offers step-by-step instructions in how to pray for another as an expression of Course principles.
  • Does A Course in Miracles Commit the "Sins of Scripture"? The Sins of Scripture is a powerful and provocative book by former Episcopal bishop John Shelby Spong. The "scripture" Spong has in mind is the Bible, but in this article, Robert asks: Does A Course in Miracles commit "the sins of scripture?"
  • Confused about Level Confusion? Level confusion has been a source of confusion among students since the Course first came out. Robert examines the key passages about it and provides a simple explanation of what it is and what it isn't.
  • The Many-Faceted Diamond of A Course in Miracles The Course, according to Greg, is like a many-faceted diamond. Rather than latching onto one particular facet, we need to include all the facets, and let them blend together as one.
  • Medicine for Those Pangs of Guilt This article unpacks a portion of Lesson 133. This lesson teaches that the way to heal our pangs of guilt is not to assert the purity of our motives, but to look on our motives undisguised. How can this wipe away our guilt? The lesson provides a brilliant answer.
  • Your Name is Brother Greg shares a stirring example of Course principles from the pages of fiction: the story of Jean Valjean and his encounter with the Bishop of Digne, from Victor Hugo's Les Miserables.
  • Fejzić and His Cow This is about the true story of a Muslim man in war-torn Bosnia who reaches across the gap between warring ethnic groups to sustain the life of a Serb infant. Robert likens this story to the event that gave birth to the Course: Helen and Bill reaching across the gap of their differences to join in finding a better way.
  • "Do You Believe in Miracles?" The Holy Encounter between Ashley Smith and Brian Nichols Greg looks at the celebrated story in which Ashley Smith showed love to the criminal holding her hostage. He demonstrates that this is a classic, real-life example of what the Course calls a holy encounter.
  • How to Enter Paradise Today Allen examines a passage in the Text that implicitly asks us to place ourselves in the position of the thief on the cross, and to see that person we have been resenting as the Christ, crucified next to us, yet able to take us to Paradise with him.
  • Forgiving Bush: Seeing Our Holy Savior in Brother George W. Perhaps no one in our world today inspires such intense reactions as President George W. Bush. Many people hold strong grievances against him, and in our work at the Circle, we’ve seen that many Course students are struggling to forgive him. This article is meant to help alleviate this struggle. It provides practical Course tools, including a visualization exercise, to help those who hold grievances against Bush forgive him and see him as the holy Christ he really is.

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