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  • When Your Back Is up against the Wall What do you do when your spiritual journey has been sailing along pleasantly and you are suddenly faced with a gut-wrenching crisis? Nicola's answer, though practical, steers clear of the superficial solutions we tend to reach for in such situations.
  • Willingness to Practice Every Step Based on this passage, "The speed by which [the goal of the Course] can be reached depends on this one thing alone; your willingness to practice every step" (T-30.In.1:3), Allen shows why diligent spiritual practice is essential for every Course student. He shows how a disciplined spiritual practice is consistent with the Course's teaching about needing to do nothing, and its claim to be "easy."
  • Traveling Lightly We all want to travel lightly through life, yet most of us feel weighed down with a series of heavy, seemingly unshakable burdens. Nicola offers counsel on how we can learn to travel lightly without resorting to denial.
  • Practice Tip: Early Evening Quiet Time Evening quiet time is one of the staples of Course practice, but many of us find ourselves too tired to do it. What can we do to overcome our lethargy and make our evening quiet time the rewarding experience Jesus intends it to be? Greg offers an answer to this question that has worked for him, an answer based on Section 16 of the Manual for Teachers.
  • Extension to Others Is Energizing Many of us think that helping our brothers is draining, especially when it takes us out of our normal routines. According to the Course, though, devotion to our brothers is the way out of fatigue and into the boundless energy of inspiration. In this article, Greg shares a personal experience that helped him to see the truth of this teaching.
  • I Do Not Know Greg explains how the simple phrase "I do not know," rather than being a head-in-the-sand approach, can actually bring great peace.
  • How Did Sin Give the Body Eyes? The first paragraph of "What Is Sin" makes the strange statement that "sin gave the body eyes." This statement at first seems to make no sense, yet it turns out to be part of a profound, and challenging, view of the purpose of the physical world.
  • How Does God's Voice Speak to Me Through My Brothers? This article seeks to explain two paragraphs in "The Answer to Prayer" that are perennial puzzlers. They suggest that our prayers are answered by the Holy Spirit speaking through our brothers, and that we therefore should not doubt their words. What on earth does this mean?
  • What Does the Course Mean by "Heart"? Does the Course use the word "heart" in the familiar way we hear the word used in spiritual circles, as that unreservedly positive place in us that we need to reconnect with, that place that is contrasted with the mind, the seat of the ego? Robert goes through the many references to "heart" in the Course and provides an answer.
  • A New Way of Looking at Yourself In this short, moving piece, Allen attempts to encapsulate how the Course would have us see ourselves. He says, "There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing bad about you, nothing twisted or spoiled. You really are the innocent child of God."

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