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  • Speaking in Tongues: What Would Jesus Do? Robert explores in-depth a passage in the Urtext in which Jesus addresses the phenomenon of speaking in tongues. In addition to critiquing speaking in tongues, Jesus' remarks also imply a whole picture of what it means to be a channel for the Holy Spirit.
  • Making Error Real What does it mean to “make error real”? Allen demonstrates that the phrase means something very different from what is commonly thought, and discusses the miracle of not reacting to other people's mistakes.
  • Come and Let Me Look on You: Commentary on Workbook Lesson 247 In having us say to our brothers "Come and let me look on you," Jesus is drawing upon a familiar cultural image, and then taking it in a totally unexpected direction.
  • Misunderstood Passages: Trust Not Your Good Intentions Allen discusses the real meaning of the often-misunderstood saying from the Course, “Trust not your good intentions.” He shows that it may mean something nearly opposite to what you might suppose.
  • How Can We Receive Miracles? Why don't we experience more miracles in our lives? Is it a misunderstanding of what a miracle is, or are we failing to meet the conditions for miracles? Allen addresses both potential causes in this article.
  • Hearing God's Voice Means Joining Allen comments on the unique way that the Course links our ability to hear God's Voice with joining with one another: "You cannot hear the Voice for God in yourself alone" (T-9.II.6:4).
  • What Is a Holy Instant? The Course uses the phrase "holy instant" 147 times. In an early discussion it identifies the holy instant as "the lesson God gives you" through the Holy Spirit (T-15.II.2:3); it says that the holy instant is sufficient to "re-establish perfect sanity, perfect peace, and perfect love," "exchange hell for Heaven," and "transcend all of the ego's making" (T-15.I.14:2,4,5). What then is this incredibly powerful thing? What is a holy instant? In two extensive articles, Allen Watson summarizes the Course's teaching on this topic.
  • Healing Workshop Meditations Here are two meditations that Nicola gave participants of a Circle workshop on spiritual healing. The first is entitled "Exercise in Opening Your Mind to the Holy Spirit's Love," and the second, "Healing Meditation."
  • Why Do We Judge People? Allen demonstrates that the source of our constant judgment of others is our problem with the authority of God in our lives.
  • Stages of Practice After reading the Course, many people assume that enlightenment is supposed to be some kind of instantaneous transformation. Lines such as, “Enlightenment is but a recognition, not a change at all” or “Why wait for Heaven?” (both from Lesson 188) seem to support this idea. In this article Allen shows that the Course also presents a clear picture of a gradual progression in spiritual attainment.

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