ACIM History & Issues

    • Interpretation and the Future of the Course Course students tend to have an uneasy relationship with the whole idea of interpreting the Course, yet the issue of interpretation is crucial, for how we interpret the Course determines our whole relationship with it. There are many perspectives on how to interpret the Course but the key question is "What did Jesus think about interpretation?" Robert offers an answer to that question based on the Course material itself, an answer that provides a whole new vision of Course interpretation.
    • The Relationship Between the Circle's Teachings and the Teachings Of Ken Wapnick This is a response to frequent requests for a comparison of our views of the Course with Ken Wapnick's. Written primarily by Robert Perry, with a section by Greg Mackie, it expresses the views held by all the writers and teachers at the Circle of Atonement.
      • Above the battleground: Our thoughts on the September 11 terrorist attack We at the Circle have, like everyone else, been deeply shocked and disturbed by the events of September 11. Just as others are, we are striving to see these events from the perspective of our particular spiritual tradition. As we reflect on how our path would ask us to respond, one thing keeps recurring to us: peace. We can have peace in our minds, even while our eyes look on tragedy in the world. It is possible to lift our minds above the battleground, into the peace of God, and look on the situation from that serene vantage point. The Course may provide its own philosophical justification for being at peace in the face of adversity, but it is part of our common religious heritage to believe in the peace of God which passeth understanding. Surely that peace is available to us now, even if our understanding may not see how that can be.