Lesson 202 • July-21

(182) I will be still an instant and go home.

Practice Instructions

See Practice Instructions Review VI


Right now, this very instant, and every instant of this day, I have the opportunity simply to be still, to quiet my mind, and to go home to Heaven. Heaven is here. Heaven is now. There is no other time and no other place.

This world of turmoil is not my home; my home is in peace. This world of sorrow is not my home; my home is in joy. This world of hatred is not my home; my home is in love. This body is not my home; my home is in God.

The Voice of God is calling me constantly to come home, and I can do so any time I choose to. How thankful I am today for this inner calling! How grateful I am that, no matter where I go, no matter what I do, this Voice is always with me, always calling me home.

When I hear this Voice, why would I choose to stay an instant more where I am not at home? Every reason I might think to give dissolves into nothing when I become aware of the sweet and gentle calling of His Voice. I will remember right now, and at every opportunity during this day. "I will be still an instant and go home."

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