Commentary on Lesson 295: The Holy Spirit looks through me today.

by Robert Perry

If we think of the Holy Spirit doing something through us, we usually think of Him acting through us, or speaking through us, don't we? But looking through us? That is a somewhat different slant.

You might want to try to get a sense of this. Normally, as you look around you, you are the one interpreting the meaning of what you see. Your brain, your memories, your associations, your thought processes, are what interprets the meaning of the objects and movements you perceive. You decide which things are connected and which things are independent. You decide how to piece it all together into a coherent picture. You decide what it means, and how it relates to you.

Imagine, though, that you moved out of that driver's seat. Imagine that the Holy Spirit was looking through you, so that He was the One to say what a certain thing means, what events are connected, and how it all relates to you.

Why don't you try asking Him into your mind right now? Then step back and try to be agnostic about everything you see. Just as in the early lessons, you don't know what anything means. You don't know what anything is for. It's an alien world, drained of all meaning, perfectly neutral. Now let the Holy Spirit give it His meaning. What does He draw your attention to? How does He see the people? What meaning does He see in the scene in front of you?

Let's now turn to paragraph 1 (which talks about Christ looking through us, rather than the Holy Spirit, but it's the same difference). Why does Christ want to use our eyes today? Not so that we can sacrifice for the sake of the world, but so that "He may offer peace of mind" to us (1:2), so that He can take away all our tension and sense of desperation. He wants to look through us to give us a priceless gift.

But then, as our mind is freed, the world is automatically freed with us. Why? Because "love is one" (1:7). The love that enters our mind cannot enter us alone, for that would go against the very nature of love. Love sees everyone as one and enters everyone as one. And so, letting it into our awareness is like opening the doorway to a darkened stadium, so that sunlight can flood the entire space and illumine everyone there.

Interestingly, paragraph 2 comes at it from the opposite angle. Whereas in paragraph 1, we received the gift, which then was given to the world, now we give the give first, and then receive it ourselves. We give it by using the eyes of Christ, which means seeing with vision. What does vision see? It sees past bodies and looks on what the body cannot see: the divine purity and worth in each person. To see that purity and worth is to love the person, to love with the Holy Spirit's Love. And to love the person is to bless the person. That is what it really means to let the Holy Spirit look through us today. Imagine your sight as love and as blessing, so that wherever you looked, the mere act of looking was also loving and blessing.

Then, once you give this gift, it returns and rests on you. You feel the Holy Spirit look past all your mistakes and see that divine purity and worth in you. You feel "His forgiving Love" rest on you. It was, of course, resting there all along. But only when you saw it resting on everyone else could you really believe that it must rest on you as well.

We could combine the processes in paragraphs 1 and 2 to get a fuller picture: We let Christ look through us and see a world forgiven, a world in which people's flaws and mistakes are like tiny shadows before the radiant sun of their purity and worth. We thus see a world that we love, with a love that is far bigger than our own.

Seeing such a world causes an immense peace to descend on us. And this peace automatically transfers to other minds, simply because minds are joined. The ripples that start in my mind don't stop there. Indeed, they don't stop at all.

But my holy sight is also a direct blessing on the world. To love is to bless, and to heal. So I give to the world not just as an automatic generalization of the gift that I've received, but as an outpouring of love to everything I look on. And this gift then returns to me simply because my mind is more open to it now. Having granted that everyone is worthy of love, I have to concede that I am, too. How can I exempt myself from a right I have granted everyone?

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