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  • Accept No Compromise in Which Death Plays a Part Because death is pure illusion and totally incompatible with a loving God, the Course instructs teachers of God to totally deny the reality of death. Yet because death seems so real to us, most of us make various compromises with it, in an attempt to reconcile the apparent reality of death with a God of Love. This article examines the Course's view of death as presented in Section 27 of the Manual for Teachers ("What is Death"), describes some of the compromises we make with death, and offers suggestions for how we can let those compromises go.
  • How Jesus Helps How Jesus, in A Course in Miracles, offers to help us yet a little more if we accept his presence in our lives.
  • The Role of the Healer in ACIM The Manual for Teachers describes the role of "healer of patients," a person who goes to people in need of healing and extends spiritual healing to them. In this article, Robert presents a brief summary of the Manual's portrayal of healers and their function.

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