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Is it right to seek guidance from sources outside the Spirit within?

Q. I find that many Course students are contacting mediums and seeking guidance from other spiritual beings. I am confused. I have always thought that the course was leading us to the Christ Spirit or Creator within. I thought we should only contact the Christ within us through meditation from which we receive our guidance. I […]

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If I get sick, does that mean I am not very evolved spiritually?

Q. I have been sick lately, and my spiritual friends are acting like this is some kind of statement of how spiritually backward I am. Does the Course see one’s degree of physical sickness or health as a measure of one’s spiritual advancement? A. It is true that the Course sees physical illness as a […]

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How can we excuse the Course for making gaffes?

Q. In Chapter 3 of the Text, the Course says, “The Bible tells you to know yourself .” You have correctly identified that this comes from the Oracle of Delphi. My question is, If the Course is to be respected as a guide in correction (on any level) how can we excuse ‘it’ (Jesus) for […]

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What does Jesus mean when he says “I am the teacher of the ego”?

Q. I’ve been studying the Urtext and am fascinated by the notion that Jesus is the “teacher of the ego.” I’m just wondering if you could direct me to something you’ve already written or give me some of your thoughts that perhaps you haven’t yet written about this most intriguing idea of Jesus teaching our […]

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How is meditation a collaborative venture?

Q. I am a bit puzzled by that line in the Urtext, “Meditation is a collaborative venture with God.” How do we collaborate with God through our meditations? What’s the relationship between that and being in relationship with others? A. Meditation is a collaborate venture with God in the same way that kissing is a […]

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