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If I feel guilty for judging another, should I forgive myself?

Q. I have been noticing lingering guilt that stems from judging someone or having a harsh reaction toward someone. From the Course’s standpoint, I should forgive myself as a way of getting rid of this guilt—am I right? A. Letting go of guilt is definitely a major focus in the Course. We do no one […]

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Should We Forgive the Ego?

It seems to me that Course students are constantly condemning the ego and fighting against it. This seems to contradict the Course's teaching on forgiveness. Since the Course says we should forgive everyone, shouldn't we forgive the ego as well?

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Do we forgive because people are doing their best?

The Course seems to provide elaborate reasons for forgiving another person, like the person is really a Son of God, or is really calling for help, or it's all a dream and so the offense never really happened. Can't we just do away with all this complexity and simply say that we forgive people because they are doing their best?

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