Weird Stuff!

Welcome to this blog focusing on the weird stuff. And what do I mean by the weird stuff? I mean things like near-death experiences, remote viewing, telepathy, post-mortem communication. Or premonitions … or evidence of past lives … or intentional healing at a distance … and much more besides.

My aim, in this blog, will be for us to explore how this 'weird stuff' sits alongside, or within, the view of reality that A Course in Miracles presents to us. For example, when we read an account of a Near-Death Experience, how can we make sense of it from the perspective of the Course? Or what about telepathy? Or clairvoyance? Or precognition? As Course students, what particular insights might we bring to topics such as these?

And, if you have any instances of weird stuff going on out there in the world that you’d like to share, please feel free. Your examples, as well as your thoughts, will only make this a richer, more interesting project.

Phil Brisk has been a student of the Course for more than 25 years — an admiring and appreciative student, if not always a very diligent one! He's also been a writer and advertising agency creative director and a school and college teacher. Today he earns his living by working with business people as a coach and trainer. He is married to Gill, a fellow Course student and professional psychotherapist. He and Gill have four wonderful grown-up children — and, already, an alarming number of grand-children. Phil and Gill live in the north west of England, where it's hilly and rains a lot.

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