Path of Light

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Author: Robert Perry
Subtitle: Stepping into Peace with A Course in Miracles
Publication Date: June 2004
ISBN: 1-886602-23-9
Pages: 266
Form: Paperback

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"more than a book, it is a blessing." from the Foreword by Marianne Williamson,
author of A Return to Love

Book Description

Path of Light is an exceptionally clear and inspiring guide to the modern spiritual classic A Course in Miracles by one of its most respected teachers.

Robert Perry has written this innovative exploration for everyone who encounters the Course, from veteran students to the merely curious. This guide goes beyond the explanation of spiritual concepts to help readers experience greater peace, forgiveness, and the healing of relationships in their everyday lives.

An enlightening and comprehensive guide, Path of Light provides a bridge into the fascinating world of A Course in Miracles, allowing readers to experience its promises of forgiveness and peace.

”Path of Light is a softly illuminated portal that
ushers us into the boundless room of light that is
A Course in Miracles.”
—Hugh Prather, author of How to Live in the World and Still Be Happy
Fred Davis on 06/10/2009 01:48pm

The Course Made Fresh

This is simply a wonderful book, a real breath of fresh air amid some of the arid commentary out there.

If you're interested in the Course, but unsure if it's for you, this is a great place to find out. Or, if you're like I have been in the past, and are something of a wayward student, then you'll find big doses of both inspiration and insight to get you safely back on your Way.

Long-term, faithful students will get "extra credit" for this read. Truly there's something here for everybody. As of this writing I've dug into this book three times and I'm sure there's still gold I have yet to mine. Spend the money, spend the time, get the value.

My experience with Circle Publishing's books is that they are consistently well written, contain great wisdom and are delightful not only to the mind, but also to hand and eye. They are quality productions. This book is no exception and showcases Robert Perry as a gifted communicator and excellent interpreter of A Course in Miracles.

Peace to you.
Fred Davis
Henry Dickens & Co
Member, Antiquarian Book Dealers Association of South Carolina

Dave Stalker on 06/10/2009 12:00am

"Thank you for such a beautiful introduction to ACIM with your new book. It has thoroughly convinced me to try the Course out for myself, as well as given me the confidence of knowing how to best approach the material to get the most benefit. I've already turned some friends onto the book, and everyone agrees that it is incredibly inspirational and an excellent primer for the Course. Thank you for that."
Dave Stalker

Steve Templin on 06/10/2009 12:00am

"As a serious Course student for nearly nine years, I found Robert Perry's Path of Light to be helpful to beginners and advanced students alike. Robert organizes the major themes of ACIM in an easy, well-written manner that provides a clear understanding of 'The Course' that is true to its teachings. Robert brings insight to 'walking the path' with his focus on the three necessary facets of experiencing the benefits promised through ACIM: study, practice, and extension . Path of Light is a book that all Course students are sure to treasure."
Steve Templin

P.B. on 06/10/2009 12:00am

"I have just read Path of Light"

"Feels like you have met the need for a clear, accessible, non-daunting answer to the question:'What is A Course in Miracles?'"

"I'm enormously grateful. Should any of my friends and acquaintance ever seek to understand more about the path I follow, and why, I now know where to point them in the first instance."

"And—making my gratitude deeper still—this is the book I will offer my children, at the appropriate time, should they express an interest in getting their minds round 'that weird stuff you and Mum believe.'"

"Thank you, Robert, from the bottom of my heart."

K.S. on 06/10/2009 12:00am

"I will first say I am glad to be able to express some thoughts about this book."

"In my opinion the greatest literary work of all time is A Course in Miracles."

"Having stated that, this is quite probably the second most important work. To say I would recommend this book to all students/teachers (and on the fence students) of the course is an understatement. It is indeed the 'blessing' Marianne Williamson was talking about."

"I am a teacher/student of the Course here in South Carolina. I have a group here and I am buying 20 copies to hand out to them. It seems like the map to the Course I was seeking."

"The writing in this book is what a true teacher does. I find myself using metaphor and all types of analogy to explain the Course to members of groups. I also need these metaphors and relations to help me understand. Robert Perry does that brilliantly on Jesus' work."

"Now let me say, anyone who writes about the Course is actually just basing their work on Jesus' words. So the content is already handled. I always find it imperative to seek the Course directly on all matters. But this book gave me new insight, from human/soul to human/soul that I have not uncovered elsewhere. I also knew it to be truth in my heart, the same filter I used to know the truth of the Course. Many writers of the Course tend to make personal judgments in their books; Robert kept true to the Course at every step under a watchful eye."

"Do not hesitate to obtain this book. It is the shoe horn that allows you to slide easily into the Course, and it is a light bulb for longtime Course students and teachers alike."

"God bless..."

Ron Rasmussen on 06/10/2009 12:00am

"It is not too often that a book comes along that I feel is truly important at least to students of A Course in Miracles, but one has and I suggest that this book be read by all students of the Course those just starting and those that have been at for a while. Perhaps nothing really new is presented in the book, but what is written is so clearly understandable, it is almost as if I had forgotten some of what I had read previously. Robert does a fantastic job relating to the history of the Course, something we should always have in the back of our minds perhaps. He also does a very thorough job at discussing the three books of the Course and how we should approach them. Again, perhaps nothing new, but a great review for all of us. I will certainly recommend this book to all students of my classes. If I would have had this book when I first started the Course, I just might have had an easier time of itÖbut then again, where I was and how I was, was precisely where and how I was supposed to be. This book is available from Circle of Atonement."
Ron Rasmussen, Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Frank Redden on 06/10/2009 12:00am

"For me this book presents the Course in a more down to earth manner. Many authors and teachers of the Course I have read appear to me to be so heavenly minded about the Course that I go away feeling like I can never measure up."
Frank Redden, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky

M.K. on 06/10/2009 12:00am

"Path of Light I literally had a hard time putting down this book to 'do my daily life.' Thank you, Robert thank you all for your collaborative adventure willingness!"

T.G. on 06/10/2009 12:00am

"I received your book yesterday and I was up late last night reading it. (Quite something for this ol' farmer!). You have done a masterful job, Robert. First, I like the way the book is set up. I like the cover and the looks of the print, the color of the pages and its softness. The softness of the form carries on to the content as you beautifully describe this phenomenal path called A Course in Miracles. To be honest with you, your description of the beginnings of the Course made my eyes go misty, it was so beautifully done. You definitely wrote from your heart in each and every section. And along with your clear and sensitive explanations of some the toughest areas of the Course, you write with a sense of deep understanding and good humor."

"I liked your explanations of the Course metaphysics and the creative illustrations, my favorite being the masks of the ego. Your Course interpretations are backed up with sound and practical spiritual and psychological information. Finally, I love he way you ended the book with a call for all Course students to extend love, compassion and forgiveness (extension) to all brothers and sisters in our world."

"Marianne Williamson was right on when she called this book a blessing!"

"I am going to reread it many times."

J.B. on 06/10/2009 12:00am

"This book of Robert's is absolutely the best I have read regarding the Course and gives the reader a much deeper vision of ACIM. It is a heart expanding experience to read and I agree with Marianne Williamson's comments. Thank you, Robert, for giving us this book."

J.P. on 06/10/2009 12:00am

"I have just finished reading the book—the first of many readings."

"What you have done for the Course is immeasurable. New students will find inspiration to continue, and we who have been on the path for years will be encouraged to seek even deeper depths, thanks to you."

"You are a blessing."

S.G. on 06/10/2009 12:00am

"I have just finished reading Path of Light which I enjoyed tremendously. It captures all the essence of the principles of the Course. It seems to me that this beautiful book is the answer to the many confusions that can arise in the mind of Course students. I found amazing how Robert managed to smoothly take the reader through his points and I thank him for illustrating each one of them with vivid examples. This ensured a clear understanding. For one thing (among many), Path of Light has convinced me to read the Course again which I have been avoiding for a long time now. I completely relied on the Circle writings, which of course is a very helpful way and one that has allowed me to find my way back on track. Somehow though, I believed I was unable to understand the Text but thanks to Robert's suggestions on reading the Text, I will attempt it."

G.H. on 06/10/2009 12:00am

"The best yet. Path of Light is a classic and we will use it constantly in our teaching."
G.H and L.H.

Maren Springsteen on 06/10/2009 12:00am

"I received your book Path of Light three days ago and have already read quite a bit and just wanted to say a big 'thank you'! I studied the Course for 4 years, with big, miraculous changes in my life since, and had recently gotten off track a little, searching outside myself again, which was clearly not becoming me."

"I had viewed the Course primarily as a teaching without being aware of doing so, sort of like Joan Borysenko describes in her book A Woman's journey to God, in which she elaborates that women tend to have a circular spirituality, sometimes very close to the core or center, sometimes removing ourselves again from it, whereas men tend to climb up 'Jacob's ladder' step by step. Your approach to treat the Course as a path gave me a whole new set of possibilities. I feel like I have come home to the Course again, with more discipline and renewed commitment, and more forgiveness when I make mistakes. Viewing it this way, I find it much easier to step onto it again. I find it quite amazing, really, that I never figured the obvious out myself and can only say, 'Hats off to you' for your guidance in this matter. Thank you very much."
Maren Springsteen

Lylian on 06/10/2009 12:00am

Dear Robert,

I said giving this book to me is already adding wings to my process, but your book is the real gift. I am a bit amazed about what you have filtered out from the Course. How you have structured all the essential things. And although many things are not new for me, there is such a clearification from the crucial points, that is is like a guiding book.

I hope for myself to write a guidingbook too, but in a very very different way. It is the personal en poetic way.

Whatever happens in my life, I know now that God is on my side. Deeply into myself I can feel the glimpses of real innocense. And the Christ in me is shining its light.

and God bless you and your partner en beloved ones!

Michelle on 06/10/2009 12:00am

Path of Light: Stepping into Peace with A Course in Miracles by Robert Perry One of my top 5 favorite books on A Course in Miracles

I've always felt that Robert Perry's books offer user-friendly Course teachings, without watering down or compromising the Course's metaphysics.

This book highlights Robert Perry's gift. It's one of the most accessible books summarizing key principles to A Course in Miracles I've ever read.

Robert Perry's ability to build a bridge between deep Course metaphysics and the everyday lives of his audience is no easy feat of engineering. But he pulls it off in this book and even manages to make it look easy.

Pathways of Light is a book for all students of A Course in Miracles, whether a new or long-time student. I purchased two copies—one to highlight and scribble in & the other to share!


Rev. Tony Ponticello on 06/10/2009 12:00am

I have gone on the record before as saying that Robert Perry is the best scholar we have writing about A Course in Miracles today and this new book only confirmed that for me. I believe his scholarship is unmatched. Robert finds quotations to illustrate his points that sweep through the entire Course and Robert doesn't make the mistake, I believe some teachers make, of deciding which parts of the Course are the central teaching diminishing other parts as personal (to Helen Schucman) or poetic imagery not to be taken literally. Robert has always viewed the entire Course as equally important and looks for multiple passages with recurrent messages as signifying central Course teachings. Robert continually surprises me with passages I have overlooked as demonstrations of important teachings stated again. As such, I find reinforcement for teachings that, I too, need to see again.

Robert introduces us to the idea of always looking around the sentences preceding certain passages, and perhaps the sentences following them, in order to truly see what the passage in question actually means. To read Robert do this is an impressive display of his scholarship. I will direct readers to page 145. Robert first states the popular Course passage, "The sole responsibility of the miracle worker is to accept the Atonement for himself" (T-2.V.5.1) In the next two pages Robert explores the surrounding material for conceptual tie-ins and then restates the passage fleshed out in such as way as to add such depth of meaning as to make the passage almost completely different. If Robert has approached the whole Course in this way his conceptual interpretations are indeed something that will inspire us all.

Path Of Light is first and foremost, Robert's own personal story and path. As we read in the A Course in Miracles, "There is one major difference in the role of Heaven's messengers, which sets them off from those the world appoints. The messages that they deliver are intended first for them." (W-pI.154.6.1-2) Robert used to see the Course as a teaching to be learned and he taught it that way for many years. However, now, at the age of 44 with over fifteen books under his belt, having taught innumerable workshops/lectures and after a recent transformation in his own personal life (I'll leave this to your own imagination—if curious, ask Robert.) Robert has found his own perspective has shifted. Robert now sees: living the Course's forgiveness message day to day, daily Text study, daily Workbook lesson practice and joining with the Holy Spirit in everything as the way to achieve the promise of miracles. Unlike many other teachers who may appear to be scholarly, Robert has gotten the message that the Course is training us all to be teacher/healers and he fully encourages students to embrace this direction with a totally open mind. Not one of us will know what this looks like for us and it may indeed be a more formal teacher/pupil relationship. I was happy to see this stressed as it is a long held belief of my own.

The book is very readable and moves smoothly. Robert has included four beautifully rendered and annotated illustrations All four illustrations graphically teach us profound Course concepts and would in and of themselves justify the cost of this book.

In some ways, Path Of Light is a major upgrade and expansion of Robert's previously published pamphlet, The Workbook As A Spiritual Practice (1996). There is a strong emphasis on repeated Workbook practice until a firmly establish daily discipline has become second nature. Robert feels that the failure of students to do this is one of the reasons why the promise in the Course of healing and joy has not been realized by many. When the Course appears to not deliver students drop away from practice. Robert feels that this unfortunate consequence would be easily prevented if we just did what the Course proposes and practice the Workbook lessons as the Course directs us to. "At this point, most students begin drifting away from the Course, either by exploring new paths or simply by opening their books less often. All of this, in my opinion, is the inevitable result of not delving into the inexhaustible goldmine of Course practice." (pg. 154)

Robert thoroughly explores the question, "Is A Course in Miracles to be your personal path?" If indeed, the Course is first and foremost a spiritual path to be walked and not merely an inspirational teaching to be understood, how would we know that it is our spiritual path. Robert then shares his own process of the six reasons he used to answer this question for himself. Readers can then attempt to answer this question for themselves using the same criterion. If readers of this review are trying to decide if this book is a worthy read perhaps they can look at a copy and turn to page 201 where Robert explores this question for himself subtitled "Deciding whether or not the Course is your spiritual path." As we answer these questions for ourselves we will be able to discern whether Path of Light will be a valuable read for us.

Ultimately, this is the audience Path Of Light will appeal to most, those who have already made the decision to see A Course in Miracles as their own spiritual discipline. The rest will, most likely, not be that interested. Although, I see that Robert is hoping to engage those still on the fence to conceptualize the Course in this new way, I think that this book's major benefit will for those who have already accepted the Course as their spiritual path. It will give them scholarly research from the material itself that will justify their own decision. This is a great thing. Doubt is something we all have to cope with. After accepting the Course as one's path we can all expect to doubt that decision from time to time, "Forget not once this journey is begun the end is certain. Doubt along the way will come and go and go to come again. Yet is the ending sure." (C-ep.1.1-3) Path may be just the thing we need to get us over these humps and keep us practicing and walking the path. As such, it is invaluable. While it may seem to be like "preaching to the choir" to some—as a minister who has many times given talks designed to inspire new people to an audience primarily of old diehards, I can attest that even the choir needs a consistent cheerleader. Perhaps they need it even more than we all realize. I have thought of the Course as my spiritual path for many years and I too, as apparently Robert has, have seen many people drop out of practice because they were not able to understand the importance of pushing through these periods of doubt and fear. "You are severely tempted to abandon Him at the outside ring of fear, but He would lead you safely through and far beyond." (T-18.IX.3.9)

I believe the upgrade to Perry_4.0 to be most significant in that his teaching is now an important tool in dealing with these severe temptations when they occur. This seems, to me, to be Robert's new mature approach. Along with expertly, and with impeccable scholarship, teaching us the Course's thought system, Robert wants to become our companion on a spiritual path that with take constant effort and guidance. Robert, in Path of Light, is dedicating the next phase of his teaching/healing life to being this companion and reminder.

While the next passage obviously refers to the Holy Spirit I believe Robert is challenging himself to be the voice for the Holy Spirit in the world for this cause. He has dedicated his life to providing the "constant, clear-cut direction" mentioned in the following. "You have learning handicaps in a very literal sense. There are areas in your learning skills that are so impaired that you can progress only under constant, clear-cut direction, provided by a Teacher Who can transcend your limited resources." (T-12.V.5.1-2) Robert's resources of scholarship may indeed be better than our own limited abilities, and perhaps this is his own special function. As such, I intend to use him and be glad. I accept this new upgrade and intend to upgrade my own hardware, operating system and processor to be able to handle the increase in power demanded.

Beatrice Theodorou on 06/10/2009 12:00am

(This article first appeared in Miracles Monthly, July, 2004 / Vol. 18, No. 5, published by Community Miracles Center, San Francisco, CA. (415)621-2556 / miracles@earthlink. It is used here by advanced permission from the publisher. All rights reserved.)

What is A Course in Miracles®? This is a question that I am asked over and over, on a regular basis. I answer to the best of my ability and in accord with my growing understanding and relationship with the Course. Sometimes I end up feeling, however, that my answer is not quite good enough. Well Robert Perry has just made my job a whole lot easier. I now need only refer the inquirer to Chapter Two in Robert Perry's newest book Path of Light—Stepping Into Peace With A Course in Miracles, an expertly thought—out, deeply thorough and comprehensive introduction to the Course, as well as a much needed map which brilliantly navigates us through seemingly uncharted waters.

It is not uncommon for students of the Course to struggle with its use of language, writing style, as well as the unique concepts it puts forth. In Chapter Six, Robert presents us with a system for reading the Course in a manner which offers maximum comprehension and affords the student the ability to reap the bountiful harvest which the Course is offering us, "Enlightenment involves untangling a knot in the mind, and study of spiritual truths is an essential process. ... We must approach it [the Course] not as if we are learning a new batch of information, but as if we are being taught a new way of thinking, a new way of seeing the world." (p.131) He then goes on to say that, "... while we may think normal language is understandable and the Course is incoherent, the reverse is actually true: We will never be able to make sense of our world, yet one day the Course will make perfect sense to us. Its teaching is our true native tongue." (p.134) Then, as is the case throughout the book, Robert presents us with material from the Course which supports what was just read, except now, through Robert's singular talent, a quote which may have previously been confusing, shines forth brilliantly with greater meaning and understanding. This is one of Robert's gifts to us. The man has sincerely immersed himself, body and soul into the rich and complex waters of the Course and has emerged with all manner of treasure, which he graciously and masterfully offers to us in this wonderful new book.

Path of Light is written by a man who has obviously awoken to his "special function", and is fulfilling it with the insight, grace and respect that can only come from a life surrendered to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I myself have never quite absorbed the concept of the special function, nor believed I had one until I read what Robert had to say about it.

"In my experience, the special function is absolutely for real (that is as real as anything is in this unreal world). There really is a specific role that has been assigned to each one of us. This role lies there silently waiting for us, almost like some kind of electronic mechanism in sleep mode, waiting for a signal to set it in motion. That signal is usually sent by some critical shift or breakthrough in our inner development, some new plateau we've reached in our journey up the mountain. At that point the mechanism comes to life, and starts to exert a pressure on our lives, pushing us to take certain paths instead of others, nudging us into meeting certain people, awakening new interests in us. All the while it is sending us hints about what our function will be. Some of these hints will be actual snapshots of that function, though even while looking directly at them, we'll probably not appreciate their significance. The time will come, though, when we begin to mentally link one snapshot to another. It then occurs to us, that Someone has been sending us a series of pictures of the same thing, and that this thing is no small matter; it is our destiny. Now we can start to actively pursue this destiny. Part of what spurs us on is our recognition that the function we're glimpsing suits us perfectly. It is as if some Mind that knows us better than we know ourselves has locked into us and unerringly seen the best in us—our talents and abilities, our buried aspirations and dreams, our deepest yearnings for the sublime—and wrapped it all into a package that is the perfect vehicle for expressing the best in us." (p.179)

Is that good or what? I know that I've practically lifted this whole section, but I just can't help it! In fact the entire book is chock filled with beautifully descriptive passages which display a profound understanding of the Course concepts, many of which are coming to life for me for the first time. This guy really gets it! More importantly, he knows how to help us get it.

Another favorite section of mine is the section on Heaven, where Robert first starts off describing what seems to be the nature of our dilemma here in what we call the world.

"Heaven is the complete absence of all the painful and limiting elements we experience here on earth. We spend our lives trying to avoid suffering here, yet our suffering is an automatic consequence of the basic nature of space and time. Space involves finite objects that are separate from each other, that often clash and collide, and that are vulnerable and eventually disintegrate. So what? you might ask. The problem is that in space we are one of those objects, which means that we experience ourselves as tiny, alone, in conflict, easily damaged, and doomed to die. Time means change. Time is a churning river in which objects constantly arise, change and pass away. While we ride this river, we are at its mercy. We arise and change and pass away, and we see everything around us do the same. Nothing is stable, nothing can be counted on. We see friends turn into enemies, we see loved ones disappear, and we see our own body begin to crumble, before the river's current drags it down and it vanishes. The very nature of space and time chews us up and spits us out. How can we be happy in such a realm?" (p.74)

Good question Robert, no wonder I have been having such a hard time.

I met Robert Perry only once, at Miracle Experience #19 (September 2002), at which he was our guest speaker. What came through loud and clear for me, even before he uttered his first words, was his love, respect and appreciation for the awesome gift that is A Course in Miracles. There are people who teach the Course and then there are those who are Teachers of the Course. Robert clearly falls into the latter category—so when I found out that he was coming out with a new book which focused on the Course as a path to be walked rather than merely a teaching to be studied, was I interested? You bet I was. Ready to take my practice to the next level, it was my hope that Path would provide me with the tools I felt I needed. I was not disappointed. Path of Light, a work of art in its own right, confirmed my initial take on Robert Perry and his complete and utter dedication to understanding the Course, practicing it, and helping others to do the same. Robert, I sure am glad you woke up to your special function. We are all the better off for it.

"The Course speaks of Great Rays streaming out from behind each body, 'so unlimited that they reach to God.' When we see this we are actually seeing a piece of reality, a little part of Heaven." (p.93) In Path of Light, Robert Perry helps us to come a little bit closer to seeing that "little part of Heaven." Thank you Robert.

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